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TEKO @ Maker Faire Rome 2020

TEKO @ Maker Faire Rome 2020

TEKO @ Maker Faire Rome 2020


From December 10 through 13, this upcoming edition is committed to surprise and amaze you - as it always did.

TEKO support the most important International event dedicated to agritech, foodtech, digital manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence, mobility, circular economy, health, IoT, recycling, data science, in addition to the dedicated Fashion, Art and Music sections, which will explore the intersection between the arts, science and technology.

How to participate


Participation to Maker Faire Rome will be granted just upon registering. The whole event will be free of charge, for anyone.

To improve your visitor experience, you will be able to customise your profile by expressing your preferences on the topics and activities you plan to explore during the event. You will receive suggestions and notifications tailored to your interests.

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